New website and online courses platform

24 March 2017

Innovation has always been an important goal for a company, in particular when there’s the need to keep up with a technology that is constantly evolving, like internet.

For this reason, a few weeks ago, we started working on our website and our online courses platform.

Here’s a list of the changes applied:

  • The website design has been revisited with a more light and intuitive layout for an easier navigation not only on PCs, but also on Tablets and smartphones;
  • “News” section, our new comunication channel, has been added. Here you can find updates, special offers and news about our company and our activities;
  • A FAQ section (under the contact section in the menu) is now available to store all the answers to the questions that our customers ask more frequently.
  • Revision and simplification of page contents.

We are sure that all the work done will help new visitors to better know our activities of consulting and training. You can give us feedback with our contact page.

Oxygen Labs wish you a good day.