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Aviation Consulting

Our aviation consulting has these main purposes:

  • Obtaining and maintaining the Aeronautical Certification according to EASA standard;
  • Certifications related project management;
  • Company management;
  • Airworthiness management;
  • Quality & Compliance monitoring management;
  • CAMO, AMO145, COA, SPO, NCC, NCO, DOA, POA, ATO, MTO147 consulting;
  • Aviation training with FlyOn.Aero, EASA Part-147 approved training center
Our aviation consulting is destined to:

  • Air operators (ref. to COA/AOC – COLA/SPO certifications according to EASA Part Air Ops 965 and national regulations)
  • CAMO Operators (ref. to Certifications according to Easa Part M)
  • Part 145 and Part M / Subpart F MAINTENANCE  Operators;
  • DOA Certificated companies (Easa Part 21)
  • POA Certificated companies (production)
  • Helicopters and airplanes owners;
  • Leasing companies;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Training companies;
  • Research centers.

Airworthiness Management

  • Continuing Airworthiness management for aircrafts (CAT/No Cat, AOC, CAMO, AMO 145, FTO) for fixed wing and rotating wing;
  • ARC Certificates release for various kind of aircrafts (Certification extension and review);
  • Export Certificate process management, for aircraft to bring abroad;
  • Import Certificate management, for aircraft from abroad;
  • Manual editing.
  • Drafting, implementation and editing of specific manuals, like:
    • OM Operational Manual;
    • OMM Organization Management Manual;
    • SMM Safety Management Manual;
    • CMM Compliance Management Manual;
    • ERP Emergency Response Plan;
    • CAME Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition;
    • MOE Maintenance Organization Exposition,
    • PdM/AMP Maintenance Programs;
    • C & C: load and centering and pre-calculated configuration management;
    • FORMS CCL Compliance Check List;
    • FORMS ACL Audit Check List;
    • Other manuals and documents editing
  • Maintenance programs management and editing;
  • Technical management according to Easa 2042/2003 parte M, part 145, Easa Part 21, AirOps 965/2012.
  • Courses supply.

Quality & Compliance Monitoring

Quality Management: The measurement of quality indicates a measurement of features and properties of an entity (a person, a product, a process, a project) in comparison to what is expected by such entity, for a specific application.

Compliance Monitoring: Gather and analyze information on the state of compliance and / or process through inspection methods, with the attached risk assessment with relative performances and the implementation of barriers needed to mitigate the risk.

Our Quality & Compliance activities are assured to air operators, maintenance companies and design companies, but also to non-aeronautical companies, at which it’s guaranteed the quality ensurance and the Compliance Monitoring implementation.

Oxygen Labs Srl, as well as the activities listed above, deliver specific courses with collaborators and qualified lecturers.

“Analyze facts and speak with data.” 
Ishikawa Kaoru (Quality guru)

  • Specific manual editing;
  • Quality & Compliance Managemet activities assuming roles;
  • Auditing activities;
  • ACL Audit Check List editing;
  • CCL Compliance Check List editing;
  • Courses supply;

Safety Management

The implementation of a “Safety management system” allow companies to evaluate the risk that incurs in the operations that has to be done; The conducted analysis before doing a specific operation allow to predict what mitigations are to be considered, implemented and managed, so that an event or a lack of “safety” cannot occur; this can happen adopting emergency procedures to use in critical phases next to an accident and / or incident. The analysis in praticular allow to adopt a more methodical approach, without leaving anything to chance, and in particular the proactive method lead to economic saves and advantages in satisfaction for the management and the accountability.
  • Manuals editing: SMM, ERP and procedures or special booklets;
  • Safety management activities assuming roles;
  • Gap analysis and Risk Assesment activities;
  • Use of special methodics;
  • Courses supply, like the “Safety Management System” Course.

Design (DOA) & Production (POA)

We perform activities for approved DOA (P21J) and POA (P21f or P21G).

We assist DOA and POA in production and certification processes verification, according to EASA Part-21 aeronautical standard.

  • Support for obtaining and maintaining DOA and POA certification;
  • Pre-production and Pre-install analysis;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Collaboration with DOA, AMO145 and CAMO companies.
  • Equipment and Kit to install on aircrafts, even upon request and customized as expected in competitive bids;
  • Specific support production;
  • Minor Change production;
  • S.T.C. Production;
  • EASA Form 1 issue;
  • All the activities above in cooperation with our partner certificated EASA.


AMAC® is a product of Oxygen Labs for analysis, control and management of the aircraft.

AMAC® is finalized to guarantee to the leasing company and to the aircraft owner that the management, maintenance and operative cycle of the aircraft is respected and that the same value of the aircraft is kept along time.

AMAC® also verify that the ordinary management of the aircraft, executed from the operator, is respected.

AMAC® is a product specific for banks, leasing companies, financial companies, insurance, private investors and also Public Amministrations.

  • AMAC ONE: aircraft analysis/supervision every 6/12 months;
  • AMAC FULL: continuing analysis every month or every 2 months;
  • AMAC ADDENDUM: continuing analysis and on request.